The Burning Questions: After The Deadline

Last week we took a look at what to expect coming into the trade deadline. Now that it has passed, it’s time to judge in the short term how the teams did.

Erie Otters


Cameron Lizotte

Anthony Cirelli

Warren Foegele

Joseph Murdaca

Troy Timpano


SSM 10 2017
ER 5 2018
ER 3 2022

Allan McShane
ER 4 2018
ER 2 2022
ER 2 2023
ER 6 2020*
ER 2 2024*

Brett Neumann
ER 3 2021

ER 14 2018*

ER 10 2018
ER 3 2020
ER 2 2021

The Otters did as expected at the deadline. With the team picking up Foegele, Cirelli and Lizotte they hope to have filled the holes that will help lead them past the OHL Final and into the Memorial Cup in Windsor.

Will this solve the issue Erie has had on the road? Time will only tell. They did play well against Flint, earning the win in overtime this past weekend. Only to lose against the Spirit the next night.

I’d say in the coming weeks you will see the team gain chemistry with the new additions and they will be on a roll. London had a very good trade deadline as well. Winning this division is going to be tough.

Enjoy the team you have for the next couple of years Otter fans. In the next seven drafts, the team has traded six second-round picks and five third-round picks. In fact, in 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2022 the team will not have any picks in the second and third rounds. Erie needs to draft smart in the years to come to stay as competitive as the have been.

Erie is taking a long-term risk hoping for a payoff in the short term. None of these trades are bad or can even be considered overpaying (barring the conditions on the two picks in the Cirelli trade). Overall, Erie has to put it all on the line this year. Next year they still will be good and competitive in the league, but not as dominant.

Flint Firebirds


C.J. Clarke

Maurizio Colella

Kole Sherwood

OSH 5 2020

Connor Hicks
Fedor Gordeev
OS 2 2019
NIAG 2 2020

FLNT 2 2017

Garrett Forrest
WSR 4 2017

Jalen Smereck

Everett Clark
MISS 4 2017
MISS 2 2018
MISS 5 2019
MISS 2 2023*

SAR 7 2017
MISS 2 2017*
KGN 2 2018*


GUE 2 2018
NIAG 3 2018

MISS 5 2019

SBY 2 2018
OS 2 2019
OSH 2 2020*

Alex Di Carlo

Will Bitten
FLNT 12 2017

Kyle Keyser

Brent Moran

OSH 4 2017
MISS 2 2018
FLNT 4 2019

Vili Saarijarvi

Jack Roslovic

When I was compiling the list of trades Flint has done since the summer to the deadline, there was one thing popped out at me. In the ten trades the Firebirds made, only two included their own draft picks. Even more impressive, the two picks are a 12th this year and a 4th in 2019.

Flint is doing what it needs to do. Build up a core and add depth. They were not good last year, and have gotten better this year, but in the next couple of seasons they could have some very competitive seasons being played at The Dort.

Adding Colella and Clarke definitely help the core of this team. You will see the Firebirds in the OHL playoffs this year. The downside to this is the fact that the Western Conference is so dominant. Facing Erie (0-1-1-0 record this season), London (0-1-0-0), Sault Ste. Marie (1-2-0-0) or Windsor (2-3-0-0) is going to be a huge challenge. The money is not on Flint pulling an upset in the first round, and that’s okay.

After last season, this is the year Flint needed to have. Build up, win games and be a better team at the end of the season. Flint is on the right course and has a bright future.

Saginaw Spirit


ER 5 2018

Hayden Davis

LDN 3 2017
OTT 2 2018
KGN 2 2018
OS 2 2019
LDN 3 2019
SBY 2 2020
LDN 3 2021*

OTT 2 2017
SAR 2 2019
SAR 3 2019
SAR 3 2020
SAG 5 2017

C.J. Garcia

Robert Proner

Kirill Maksimov
SAG 3 2018
SAR 2 2019

Mitchell Stephens

Tye Felhaber
BAR 4 2018
SAG 4 2021

SAG 3 2017
SAG 2 2019
NB 4 2020

By the looks of the moves made by the Spirit at the deadline, they are going into the offseason looking to rebuild.

They got a haul for Mitchell Stephens which only helps if they draft well or use them for trades. I guess you cannot blame Saginaw for choosing to go this route. They could have (and still might) make the playoffs this season, but some of that is hoping that teams ahead of them in the standings start to slide in the standings.

For that to happen they cannot have nights like this past Tuesday.

This deadline is hard to grade in the short term. It gives the Spirit room to grow in the next three to five seasons. Only then can we judge how well the team did in using the picks that they acquired this season.

It’s not going to be a pretty rest of the season in Saginaw, but let’s hope that this rebuild leads to better days in the coming seasons.